Rock Township Ambulance District
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Rock Township Ambulance District (RTAD) is an Advanced Life Support service. The district was established in 1980 and serves communities in North East Jefferson County. RTAD is a political subdivision of the State of Missouri.

The initial operating budget for 1980 was $161,861.00. That year we ran 1,400 emergency calls with an estimated population of 59,000 people.

Our population has grown by leaps and bounds to our current population of 130,000. Our call volume has grown as well. In 2006, we averaged sixteen calls per day. In 2007, our call volume increased to 6,339.

RTAD also provides non-emergency, routine transfers for district residents and others. Our ambulances return non-ambulatory patients back to their residence. Other transfers take patients from hospital to hospital.

Our employees are all required to carry current certification in the following fields:

1. Advanced Cardiac Life Support. (ACLS)

2. Basic Life Support or International Trauma Life Support. (BTLS / ITLS)

3. Pediatric Advanced Life Support. (PALS)

4. Invasive Procedures.

5. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Employees at RTAD have their skills tested annually. Each employee completes a Skills Review Program put together with St. Anthony's Medical Center, our medical control hospital.

Patient Care issues are channeled through our highly critical Quality Improvement Program. This program is the product of a group effort between our medical control, Missouri Department of Emergency Medial Services, and the Rock Township Ambulance District.

Rock Township Ambulance District is funded by user fees, sales tax revenue and property taxes.

P.O. Box 629 Arnold, MO 63010 (636) 296-5066

Established 1980