Rock Township Ambulance District
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Rock Township Yearly Skills Review
Dori Irving, EMT-P, Training Coordinator, Dr. Fuller, Medical Control, Lt. Brian Schmelig, EMT-P.

Kuddles for Kids
Cindy Allen, EMT-P, PR Coord. demonstrates how to make blankets for the sick children we transport.

Cindy Allen, EMT-P, PR Coordinator, at Child Time.
We help these kids make the blankets that are then donated to RTAD. Kids helping Kids!!!

Rock Township speaks to Arnold Chamber of Commerce
Cindy Allen, EMT-P, PR Coord., Steve Wray, EMT-P, Crew Chief, & Margie Sammons, Administrator.

P.O. Box 629 Arnold, MO 63010 (636) 296-5066

Established 1980